Sunday, February 9, 2014


In September we flew down to Utah for Dustin's brothers wedding.  I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the cute couple.  Jeremy and Pegah got married on Dustin's birthday at a beautiful place in Cottonwood Canyon.  It was a crazy weekend but we were so happy we were able to be there for their special day.

All of the cousins looked so cute!

Waiting for the wedding to start.

Dancing it up!

Makenna got really into dancing.  Her and Dustin were so cute together.

It was a beautiful day.
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Colton's 1st Day of Kindergarten

My little Colton started kindergarten.  He was so excited and couldn't wait to get started.  It unfortunately didn't stay that way for long.  After a week and half he ended up switching classes (they added another class.)  It really threw Colton off and he didn't want to go anymore.  It just broke my heart to see him crying as I dropped him off.  After a couple of weeks he adjusted to his new class and teacher but it was a hard start to school.

What a cutie!

Colton and Camdin at the bus stop.

Getting on the bus.  I thought I was ready for him to go but I broke down and cried.  I really miss that little boy all day.
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Camdin's First Day of 1st Grade

Camdin was very excited to get back to school this fall.  He ended up with an amazing teacher that he just loves and is loving school.  He has lots of the same kids in his class that he had last year so that made him feel very comfortable right away.

Waiting at the bus stop.  Colton started school a couple days after Camdin.  So he got to stay home with me and Makenna.

Getting on the bus.

Here he is getting back from a great first day of school.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Camdin's Birthday Party

Camdin had his Birthday party at Wild Waves this year.  We ended up getting a good group of friends to come and celebrate with us.  The weather was great so the kids were able to do tons of water rides.  Here they all are waiting to do the lazy river.

The lazy river.

Makenna had a great time too. 

Camdin then chose to do dry rides.  Here they all are going on the kiddy coaster.

Camdin talked Suzanne into going on the ring of fire with him.

We then went and had pizza cake and presents at Round Table Pizza.  Camdin chose ninja turtles as this party theme.  Everyone had fun wearing the masks.

Pizza time!  All of the kids were starving after the long day at Wild Waves.

Presents!  He got tons of cool toys.

He got a skateboarding cake this year.  It was chocolate with chocolate frosting.  I love how he is taking after me with his love of chocolate.

My cute Birthday Boy.  I cant believe he is seven! 

I had to throw in these cute pics of him trying out some of his new presents.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013


As soon as we got back to Washington it was time to get ready to school to start.  We ran around getting clothes and school supplies.  We then got to go to each of the kids classroom orientations.  Here is Camdin all ready to meet his new 1st grade teacher.

The other kids had to jump in for a picture too.


This was Camdin's first year having a desk.  He was pretty excited.

Makenna had fun checking out Camdin's desk too.

Colton had his kindergarten orientation too.  I unfortunately didn't take many pictures.  This is him trying out the bus.
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Camdin's Early Birthday

We left Alaska only days before Camdin's Birthday so Grandma threw him a little party.

She baked him a yummy cake.

He got presents from Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Orin and Beka.

Here he is showing off his new Alaska Grown sweatshirt and elbow and knee pads.

Makenna enjoyed some final cuddles from Uncle Orin.  They left that night and we left then next day.  We had an amazing trip!  We loved our time in Alaska and are already planning our next trip in a couple of years.
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We spent one afternoon downtown Fairbanks.  We found my mom's name in this statue representing the first people of Fairbanks.  My Dad was too cheap to pay to have his name in it:)(they were not married yet).

My Aunt joined us and we walked around and checked out several gift shops.

The kids had fun checking out a dog sled and got to meet a real dog sled up close.
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