Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Camdin's Birthday Party

Camdin had his Birthday party at Wild Waves this year.  We ended up getting a good group of friends to come and celebrate with us.  The weather was great so the kids were able to do tons of water rides.  Here they all are waiting to do the lazy river.

The lazy river.

Makenna had a great time too. 

Camdin then chose to do dry rides.  Here they all are going on the kiddy coaster.

Camdin talked Suzanne into going on the ring of fire with him.

We then went and had pizza cake and presents at Round Table Pizza.  Camdin chose ninja turtles as this party theme.  Everyone had fun wearing the masks.

Pizza time!  All of the kids were starving after the long day at Wild Waves.

Presents!  He got tons of cool toys.

He got a skateboarding cake this year.  It was chocolate with chocolate frosting.  I love how he is taking after me with his love of chocolate.

My cute Birthday Boy.  I cant believe he is seven! 

I had to throw in these cute pics of him trying out some of his new presents.
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