Monday, September 16, 2013


We went to Alaska the first three weeks of August.  It was so fun going back to Alaska for a fun vacation.  It was our first time going back in the summer since we moved away in 2006.  We stayed so busy doing as many fun activities as we could.  After flying in and staying one night in Fairbanks we got our RV and drove to Denali National Park.  We stayed there 2 nights and saw as much as we could.

This is our first 3 hour drive.  It was so nice having a bathroom and not needing to stop every little bit.  We played lots of card games, talked, read books, and had a Nerf gun fight.  It was fun!

We were setting up our camp sight minutes after arriving in Denali and Colton ran up to me carrying this moose poop.  He proudly said "Mom look what I found!'  I burst out laughing and ran and got the camera.  The first pic is him showing me what he found the second is after he found out what it was:).

We went on a little walk to check out the campground.

We walked down to the river.

It was a great first day of camping in Alaska!
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