Sunday, June 2, 2013

Colton Turns 5

My little Colton is 5 and ready for kindergarten this fall.  I cant believe it!  Colton is quite the boy always on the go ready for the next adventure.  He loves to swim, ride bikes, play sports, go fishing, shoot guns, and ride four wheelers.  He is all boy and is fearless to try anything the first time.  If it goes badly he doesn't try it again for a while.  Colton is so loving and is amazing with his little sister.  At our playgroup he is one of the ones that watches out for all of the little kids, willing to help them and play with them.  For his age he has great hand witting and is doing great learning how to read and write.  We are so proud of you Colton, thanks for being such an amazing boy!

Colton had a great Birthday, and got tons of cool toys.  He got a new bike very early from Dustin and I.  He used his Birthday money from Grandma and Paka Conk and bought a helmet.  Grandpa and Grandma Ryan got him a razor scooter and Camdin got him a basketball.  Spoiled Boy!

Colton wanted a Monster Truck cake.  Here is what I came up with.

Making his wish!


Makenna enjoyed Colton's cake too!
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