Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st Trip to Wild Waves

We got season passes to Wild Waves this year!  Our first time going was so fun.  It was a beautiful day my mom was with us so we had a set of extra hands to help with kids and everyone had so much fun.  The water rides were not open yet so we got to go on all of the other ones.  We started off with the bouncing Kangaroos.

Next came the tea cups.  Not my favorite one so I let Grandma take my place:)

If you look from right to left you can see our splash in order.  It was Grandma Colton Me and Camdin.  Both of the boys ducked their heads so you cant really see them.

Here we are right after all soak en wet.

Makenna did great!  She took two naps while we were there and loved watching all of the excitement.

Colton isn't tall enough to go on all of the rides so we divide up and ride on separate rides.

Everyone loved riding all of the rides.

Dustin continues to play with all of the settings of our camera.  I love my cute kids!
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