Saturday, May 18, 2013

11 Months

Makenna has had a very busy last month before she turns one.  She got her first tooth (if you look close you can see it) she started crawling, and finally learned to roll over (diaper changes have become lots harder).  Makenna continues to love peek a boo, loves baths, loves to give kisses, loves to watch the boys, and continues to love to eat.  We are still trying to give her lots to eat to help her gain weight.  I can tell her little checks and belly are getting bigger. 

She says dada mama, chicken, uh oh, duck, and if you ask her a question she will shake her head no (it is so cute).  She is not sleeping as good as she was but usually we have one or two good nights a week.  I stopped nursing and she has adjusted to a bottle easily.

Camdin and Colton continue to be amazing helpers with Makenna.  They are always willing to give her toys, help her reach something, or keep and eye on her while I have to turn my back.  They love to hold her hands and help her walk and she loves it too.  They also love to give her bottles and fight over whose turn it is to feed her:)

I am pretty impressed with how these last pics turned out.  I took them with one had while holding Makenna!  We love Makenna and have so much fun with her everyday.
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