Monday, May 20, 2013

Blow Up Slide

We have been having some hot days here in Washington.  On one of those days the boys talked me into getting out the blow up slide.  It was so fun!  We ditched all of the stuff we needed to do and played.  I love watching my kids have fun.  There is nothing better in life then that:)

Camdin and Colton continue to be the best playmates.  Most of the time they get along so well.

Makenna missed most of the fun due to nap time.  But once she woke up she loved getting wet.

Splashing in the water.

The little slide was perfect for her.

You cant play in the water and not get out the water guns.
 Watch out for the Conk boys!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fun In Our Own Backyard

We have been outside a lot lately with all of the beautiful weather we have been having.  The kids continue to love to climb trees.  They are getting higher and higher and it makes me more and more nervous.

Roasting marshmallows!
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We have made the jump into team sports this year.  The boys are on the same team and Dustin is coaching them.  They have been practicing and are loving it.  I realize there is no turning back from our nights are just going to get crazier from here.  Both of the boys have a lot of natural talent and are improving everyday.
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11 Months

Makenna has had a very busy last month before she turns one.  She got her first tooth (if you look close you can see it) she started crawling, and finally learned to roll over (diaper changes have become lots harder).  Makenna continues to love peek a boo, loves baths, loves to give kisses, loves to watch the boys, and continues to love to eat.  We are still trying to give her lots to eat to help her gain weight.  I can tell her little checks and belly are getting bigger. 

She says dada mama, chicken, uh oh, duck, and if you ask her a question she will shake her head no (it is so cute).  She is not sleeping as good as she was but usually we have one or two good nights a week.  I stopped nursing and she has adjusted to a bottle easily.

Camdin and Colton continue to be amazing helpers with Makenna.  They are always willing to give her toys, help her reach something, or keep and eye on her while I have to turn my back.  They love to hold her hands and help her walk and she loves it too.  They also love to give her bottles and fight over whose turn it is to feed her:)

I am pretty impressed with how these last pics turned out.  I took them with one had while holding Makenna!  We love Makenna and have so much fun with her everyday.
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Fishing Field Trip

Makenna and I got to go on Colton's fishing field trip with him.  It was a great day and Colton loved catching his fish.  He has been trying to talk Dustin into taking him again soon.  We started out feeding the fish and taking a tour of all of the ponds then we got to fish.  Luckily I found a Dad willing to help with all of the slimy parts because Dustin couldn't get off work.

Colton and his fish!

Helping his friend with his.  Colton helped cook his fish for dinner that night and thought he tasted delicious:)
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Grandma and Paka

It was conference weekend while Grandma and Paka Conk visited so we spent lots of time on the couch.  The kids enjoyed teaching them some xbox games and Grandma showed them some fun games on her ipad.  It was a great weekend.  We love it when family visits!

It took a few days but Makenna finally warmed up to Grandma!
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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

While Dustin's parents were visiting we went up north and checked out the tulip festival.  The flowers were so pretty!  It sprinkled on and off but overall we had good weather.  The boys did good and enjoyed looking at all of the different tulips.  The kids favorite part was the mud!

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