Wednesday, March 6, 2013

9 Months

Our little Makenna is 9 months old!  She has officially been out as long as she was in:).  She is such a fun little girl.  She is small.  At her 9 month check she was 13lbs 10oz, she fell off the charts for weight but is in the 1% for height.  The doctor said it is time to add more calories to her diet (lucky girl).  So we are adding more snacks, juice, and formula.  So hopefully at her next check up she will be back on the chart.

Makenna loves to give kisses, she waves, gives high fives, and loves to clap.  She still doesn't have any teeth (which is OK with me).  Makenna doesn't roll over by herself, cant crawl but scoots backwards pretty fast.  Just this week she has started pulling herself up from sitting to standing.  So she may walk before she crawls:).

Makenna loves to eat so adding more food shouldn't be hard:).  She loves her brothers and just lights up when they come into a room.  Camdin and Colton are such amazing brothers, they give her so many hugs and kisses everyday.  They also are amazing at making her laugh and love carrying her around.  It is pretty cute.

 These 9 months have just flown by.
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Baby Chicks

We got baby chicks!  Dustin has been wanting to get chickens for awhile now.  Well we saw the baby chicks at the store and I couldn't say no:)  They are so cute!  We let each of the boys pick out one and then Dustin and I got one too.  So we have 4 baby chicks.

Camdins is the dark one and he named it Cutie.  Colton's has stripes and he named it Crash.  Mine is the yellow one named Squirt and Dustin's is red and he named is Susan but the boys call it eagle.

I am not sure how this is all going to work out but we are having fun with the chicks and Dustin has almost finished a cute little chicken coop for them.  Hopefully in a couple months we will have yummy eggs!
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Well we finished all of our clams in our freezer from last year so it was time to go get more.  It turned out being a great day.  It was a little windy but it didn't rain!

The waves were huge!  Both of the boys got knocked over by one and got water down their shirts.  Luckily we had another set of dry clothes for them.

Claming is hard work!  Camdin had fun trying a couple times but stuck to picking them up once Dustin got them out.

Once Makenna woke up and the boys got wet we got in the truck and played and watched Dustin get the rest of the clams.

Yum Keys!

Camdin and Colton helped clean them the next morning.
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Cute Girl

We just cant take enough pictures of this cute girl!  We were eating lunch in the car and started playing.  I love her so much!

I lover Makenna's open mouth kisses!

She loves to "drive".
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North West Trek

After living here in Washington for 6 years we finally made it to North West Trek.  It is like a zoo but with north west animals.  We had a great afternoon enjoying the outdoors.  The boys had a great time running around spotting animals and Makenna was more then happy to spend her day snuggling in the front pack with me.

Here is just a couple of the many animals we saw.

You get to take a bus ride around and see some animals in an open non cage environment.  It was fun trying to spot them as we drove around.

My cute kids!
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Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines day this year.  We have three of the cutest valentines around!  Everyone was spoiled with lots of candy cookies and chocolate.

Colton had to hold Makenna because Camdin did.  Poor Makenna had had enough.

Here we are making our traditional pink heart shaped sugar cookies.  They were so good!

Camdin and Colton are getting to be great helpers.
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Skate Park

Camdin and Colton love to go to the skate park.  There are all kinds of fun dips bumps and jumps they can ride on with their bikes.

They got off for a little bit and tried to run up the side.

My crazy boys will try anything:)

We all have so much fun here when the rain stops for a little while.
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New Camera

For our anniversary Dustin and I got each other a new camera.  So here are tons of pics that we have been taking trying out all of our new settings.

These haven't been edited our camera has this cool setting.

Same thing with these.  You can pick a color and it will do black and white except that one color.

As you can see Makenna got tiered of getting her picture taken on this day.  She is still cute:)

Spider man Colton was more than willing to climb the wall over and over so Dustin could take many pictures of him.

Even with bed head she is still cute.
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