Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas Morning

Camdin and COlton were nice to us again this year and slept into about 8.  They came into our room and waited until we went down and got the camera ready before they went and checked things out.  The boys big surprise from Santa this year was a snow machine sled for Colton and a snowboard for Camdin.  They were so happy!

Makenna got her first baby doll from Santa.  It is a cabbage patch doll that we call "dolly".  She is well loved by all of the kids:).

Camdin and Colton got an X-box with kinet that we all love to play together.  By far our favorite game is the dancing game.  It gets lots of use!

The boys also got a fort that they have spent many hours putting up and creating new places to play. 

The boys each gave me chore coupons that I have loved to cash in for help around the house.  I also got new shoes, a jacket, and sweatshirt.  It was great Christmas!
Dustin got his present way before Christmas, he got another gun. 
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