Friday, January 4, 2013


We went up to Leavenworth again this year to play a couple weeks before Christmas. It was snowing so everything was beautiful. Our first stop was for a sleigh ride. It was our Christmas activity for the day. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. We then headed into town for lunch to look at the lights and go sledding. It was a short fun day trip. We cant wait to go again next year

Makenna and Dustin getting ready for the sleigh ride

They provided blankets so everyone stayed warm and cozy.

Catching snow flakes was fun and Makenna decided to take a little snooze:)

We got to meet and pet our horses after the ride.

Getting ready to go sledding!

Camdin and Colton only went down a couple times it was very crowded and kids kept running into each other.

The lights in Leavenworth are always amazing!
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