Thursday, September 6, 2012

Family Games

For activities while we were in Coer d'alene each one of my siblings took a day and planned an activity.  The pictures above are from my sisters day of our family Olympics.  We had three legged races and so many more fun games. 

Tossing Cheetos to someones head that has a shower cap on with shaving cream.  On the bottom my dad and Dustin and shaking ping pong balls out of a box that is tied around their waste.  The games were vary creative:). 

The top pics are of the kids sucking m&m's with a straw and putting them on another plate.  The next are trying to get balloons into a pub with only water noodles.  And finally the bottom pics are of the races to knock down water bottles with a tennis ball attached to your head with nylons.  There were several other games that Kluane did including kickball

My day was a craft day.  Each of the kids decorated a t-shirt.  They each chose a shape from my cricut and painted it.  They also made glow in the dark beaded necklaces and bracelets.
Here are all of the kids in there finished T-shirts.
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