Sunday, September 30, 2012

Makenna is changing everyday!  She is growing up too fast.

It all ways makes me laugh the way the boys want to be in the pictures with Makenna but when I want to get pictures of them they refuse.  I don't get it.

Camdin took this picture of Colton.  Pretty good huh?
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Final Days of Summer

 We tried to squeeze in as much as we could in the final days of summer before school started.  We went to parks, had picnics, went on bike rides, played in the sprinkler, and of cores we went school shopping.

 My crazy boys and there climbing.  It makes me nervous but they love it.

Makenna enjoyed all the time outdoors too!

6 Years Old

 Camdin Turned 6 at the end of August.  He is such a great kid.  Is is still very inquisitive, he continually asks me questions all day long.  He is starting to take an interest in writing.  He asks me how to spell things and then he will write it out.  He also has started to enjoy drawing pictures (before he would just refuse).  He loves to ride his bike, is a great swimmer, he has a strong swing (we may have a future baseball hitter on our hands, he is such a talented kid.  Someday he will make a great babysitter he loves his little sister.
 At our family birthday party.
His "sprinkle cake" that he requested.
 Blowing out the candles.
 Opening up his presents.  Camdin got money from both of his Grandparents for his Birthday.  He was so funny at the store, trying to get the most toys for his money.  He is a bargain shopper already!  I love it:)

Three Months Old

Makenna is the sweetest little girl ever!  She is so cute and is a relatively easy baby.  She is sleeping for usually 6 hours her first stretch and then eats and goes back to sleep for 4 more hours.  Makeena loves to smile and is on the verge of laughing. 

As you can see she loves her fingers.  If she doesn't have her binky she stuffs her fingers in there and gags on them regularly:).  Camdin and Colton love to make her smile and continue to kiss her many many times a day.  Her eyes continue to switch from dark blue to brown all the time.  We cant wait to see what they decide to be.
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Birthday Party/Sleep Over/Coming Home

Because Camdin's Birthday was so close to the time we were in Utah we had a fun little party for him with all of his cousins. 

 They even had a sleepover!
 Makenna was a little trooper on our long drive.  Here she is on a short break out of her car seat.
 The boys got a pirate kids meal on one of our stops that kept them entertained:)
 We even had some fun!
Boy did the boys play hard and so they crashed hard too:)
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Great Grandma Conk

 Dustin's grandma was unfortunately not feeling up to going to Makenna's blessing so we stopped by for a quick visit on our way to Bear Lake.  She is such a fun sweet lady.  We miss her!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bear Lake Fun

After Makenna's Blessing we headed up to Bear Lake to play.  We spent 5 days playing in the water four wheeling, and having fun.

Headed to the pool!

Going for a ride.
Makenna loved the pool(it doesn't look like it but she did!).

Jumping in to the pool!

Playing at the lake.

 Makenna and I got to play together while the boys went on four wheeling rides.

 Silly Cousins!
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Makenna's Blessing

 We traveled to Utah in August to visit family and to bless Makenna.  Makenna's blessing day was beautiful!  Dustin's parents opened up their home to us and my family and we were able to bless Makenna in their home.  Dustin's brothers, his father, his grandfather, his brother in law, my brother and my brother in law were able to participate in her blessing. 
Our Family

These boys love their little sister.
We were so happy that so much of our family were able to make it. 
Dustin's family picture.
Makenna has her daddy wrapped around her little finger:)
Me and my little princess!
 Makenna is so lucky, she is loved by so many wonderful people!
Thank You again Rob and Cynthia for opening up your home to us, it was an amazing day!
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Thursday, September 6, 2012


We had such a great trip.  All of us had such a great time.

Here are just a couple of random pictures I wanted to throw in.
Me and my siblings.
My family!
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My brother Orin and all of his nieces and nephews.