Saturday, August 11, 2012


 Before we stayed at the lake house in Coeur d'alene we went a couple days early and went to Silverwood and played at the water park.  We had a blast! 

I was a little nervous about taking Makenna with her only being 2 months old but she did great.  She had a great time betting past around and staying in the shade.  She did get to go swimming for the first time.  It was only for a minute but boy was she cute:).

Colton had fun going down the water slide.  They wouldn't always let him because he wasn't quite tall enough but when he snuck by he had fun.
 Camdin loved the slides too!
 Summer is so fun!
 Grandma was a huge help with all the kids.  Here she is in the wave pool with Cambrie and Colton.
 Camdin and Connor were inseparable the whole trip.
 After the water park we were able to squeeze in a few rides.
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