Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Colton's Birthday Party

We had a great party on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for Colton's Birthday.  He invited several friends and their siblings and parents to come and play and have lunch.  We started out the party with tug-a-war.  We had to switch up the kids several times to get things even.  But once we did it was a serious war:).  Each team won once.
We then had sac races.  All of the kids tried hard and had fun.

 After the races we had a water balloon toss.  None of the kids caught a single balloon, so that game ended fast:).
 The birthday boy!
 Waiting patiently for cupcakes.
 Blowing out race car candles.

It was a great day!  Thanks to all of his friends who came and celebrated with us and made the day so special.
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