Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nursery and Bathroom Remodel

I am happy to announce the nursery is ready! It is even ready a whole day before baby Makenna will make her appearance. This was my first time getting to go all out on a nursery and boy did I have fun.
I do have to give credit to my amazing husband who made all of my crazy ideas a reality.  Thanks babe you are the best.  We started off painting the top part of the room a light purple and the bottom a darker them put up a chunky chair rail.
Dustin then then turned an old hand me down crib a friend gave us into this adorable crib.  He painted it white and added the cute purple decals.
My favorite part of the room is this cute dresser.  It started out looking like the ugly dresser below and Dustin turned it into this cute dresser perfect for the nursery.  He had to puddy all the dings out, put in new drawer liner upper things, and painted everything.
I also put up this cute mirror that Dustin painted and I added the vinyl M.

We got a little help from these two stinkers.
Here is our ugly before bathroom.
Here it is now.  Dustin re tiled the floor, painted, put in a new vanity, did a tile back splash, and installed  a new medicine cabinet.  Most importantly we made our dead line of May 25.  The next project I am doing all the work of bringing our daughter into the world:).
Thanks Dustin for all of your hard work making our house as perfect as it can be.
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Colton's Birthday Party

We had a great party on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for Colton's Birthday.  He invited several friends and their siblings and parents to come and play and have lunch.  We started out the party with tug-a-war.  We had to switch up the kids several times to get things even.  But once we did it was a serious war:).  Each team won once.
We then had sac races.  All of the kids tried hard and had fun.

 After the races we had a water balloon toss.  None of the kids caught a single balloon, so that game ended fast:).
 The birthday boy!
 Waiting patiently for cupcakes.
 Blowing out race car candles.

It was a great day!  Thanks to all of his friends who came and celebrated with us and made the day so special.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colton is 4!

 I still can't believe Colton is 4.  He is such an amazing little boy.  He is the sweetest thing always hugging kissing and telling everyone how much he loves them.  But boy does he have a stubborn side.  If he gets frustrated or his feelings hurt there is no changing his mind about it, he needs his space to process and work through it in his own time.  Then when he is ready he comes back and is all better again.  Colton adds so much to our family and we are so grateful for him.
 These are pictures of him opening up presents on his birthday.  He was hugging Makenna and thanking her for the present:).
 Camdin got Colton a super cool dinosaur.
Happy Birthday Colton!!

Park Time

The weather has finally started to be nice.  That means park time!  We have been loving playing outside and getting all of that energy out.

Mothers Day Tea

 Camdin had a Mothers Day Tea at his school again this year.  I had such a good time spending some one on one time with him.  He sang to me. painted me a picture, and we all got to have treats.  This year Camdin said he loves me because, "she takes us to the movies.  She makes spaghetti for me.  We like to play tag and hide'n'seek.  She reads me Jack and the Bean Stalk. (but it's ripped)  We pray, hug and kiss before bed time."  I love hearing what Camdin remembers about the things we do.  Thanks for the great afternoon Camdin, I love you!

Spring Fair

 We made it to the Spring Fair down in Puyallup this year and had a fun afternoon in the sun.  It was so nice that everyone else went too so the lines were long but the boys loved the rides.

Playing With uncle Orin

 On his way through to school Orin was able to stop and play for a couple days.  My boys were in heaven!  They had missed Uncle Orin so much while he was on his mission.  We tried to go hiking at Snoqualmi Falls but it was closed due to storm damage.  So we ended up going and playing at the beach.

We all had a great time catching up with Orin while he was here.


 We had a great Easter this year.  The boys loved their Easter baskets and all of their loot, and candy.  We had a great Easter Sunday at church and had fun with friends.

 They each got a camel pack for hiking this summer.
 Finding eggs was fun.

Colton almost 4
Camdin 5

 A decent family picture
 My boys!
 Kisses for Makenna.  They do this all day long and I love it!

Just over a month to go!