Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

The weekend before Thanksgiving we went and played at Great Wolf Lodge. We all had a great time! It was so nice to swim in their nice warm indoor water park while it was rainy cold outside. One of the boys favorite things was the wave pool.

In front of the wave pool ready to play.
Dustin and the boys bouncing up and down with the waves.
Colton loves these jet skies. Which was great because when Camdin went down the big water slides Colton was too small for we just went and played on these.

Camdin loved crossing the lily pads, and was actually very good.

Colton had fun on the lily pads too but did it a little differently:).

Camdin loved this raft slide because it played music. Dustin and I both had fun taking him down it.

Everyone had fun going down the red slide.

The boys loved to wait for the huge bucket to dump and stand directly under it. I didn't:).
We let Camdin and Colton pick out a dessert the night we were there and they chose these huge suckers. Talk about messy.

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