Friday, November 4, 2011

Bear Lake Cabin with the Conk Side

After our fun week in Utah we got to head back up to Bear Lake to play with Dustin's family. We went four wheeling, hiking, shooting, and had a great time.
Here are the boys on a short little hike.


Look at those muscles!

So strong!

The boys definitely take after their father when it comes to guns.

Camdin is a great shot and can hit the target!

Dustin's brother caught crayfish that we had for dinner one nights. It took some convincing but they talked the boys into picking them up.
Everyone had to watch them get boiled for dinner:)

Our blow up slide was a huge hit and got tons of use.

Grandma planned a little birthday carnival to celebrate all the kids birthdays. They all got to play games and get prizes. This one is toss the water balloon.

Here is water gun fight against dinosaurs. Thanks Grandma!

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