Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mowich Lake

A couple weekends ago we went to Rainer to hike and check out future camping spots. Along the way we stopped at this old bridge and got out and explored and took a couple pictures. We then headed up to Mowich lake and were surprised to find 3 feet of snow in some places. We had fun hiking around the lake and playing in the water. It is a beautiful lake!

Checking out the bottom of the bridge.

Mowich Lake

I am amazed Camdin got in the lake, it was freezing.

Hiking in the snow was slippery!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping with Cousins

Me and the boys went camping with my sister and her kids during the week last week while Dustin was at work. We meet up half way between us in Coeur d'alene Idaho. We stayed for three nights and had so much fun. We swam, hiked, biked, ate, and played the whole time. It was so nice to get our kids together they all get along so well. We realized that while we were there between the two of us he had every age of child from 6-2!
Here are the kids taking a break on our hike.

Playing at a fun park.
We took a ride on a pirate ship.
Here are the oldest four dressed as pirates.

This was one of the highlights of the trip for my kids.
Playing at the beach was a blast.

Roasting marsh mellows!

Cuddling before bed. My boys loved playing in their sleeping bags.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work BBQ

We went to a Union BBQ for Dustin's work and had a blast. It was a beautiful day and they had so much fun activities planned for families. There was a blow up slide, bouncy house, sprinkler, races, shaved ice, and tattoos.

My tough boys showing off their muscles.

There were races. Camdin did really good!

Dustin tried too:)

The three legged race was fun.

Tug a war

The bouncy house.
We also went down to the lake and the boys went swimming.

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Bald Boys

The day after I gave my boys cute hair cuts (one of the best I have ever done) Camdin took it upon himself to "fix" it. He went into my sewing room and got my sewing scissors and gave him and his brother hair cuts. Colton came down stairs very proudly and told me "Look what Camdin did". I was not happy! Dustin then had to shave the kids heads with the clippers on the lowest setting. Both of the boys were in tears after and promised never to do it again.

Here is the after. I think they look so much better with hair!

A Quick Hello

My parents were able to stop by Seattle on their way home from attending a wedding. It was so nice to see them and play. We were able to go on a bike ride, shopping, the jump zone, and they were able to see Camdin and Colton's swimming lessons.

My boys love to play with Grandma. I think they were "tickling" each other with grass:).

Mini Van Heaven

That is right we now own our very own mini van! I said I would never have one when I was younger but right now in my life I cant think of anything I would rather drive (within our budget). After driving Dustin's huge monster of a truck for two years and hating parking the thing, and getting the kids in and out, I now get to have automatic sliding doors that close with the touch of a button and I can fit easily in to parking spaces and my kids can get in and out all by them selves. It is Awesome!!

(Pictures will come latter)