Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swimming Lessons

We just got done with a two week season of swimming lessons. I am always so impressed with how much my kids learn going to lessons. Camdin and Colton both passed two levels and now are on level 3. Camdin can now go in the "deep end" with out freaking out and Colton is an amazing glider. Way to go boys, I am so proud of you!
This is Camdin working on his back kicks.

This is Colton and his teacher doing his bobs.

4th of July

We started out our 4th of July bribing the kids to do yard work by telling them we could get out the water slide. After hours of work the yard was decent and we let the kids play and ended it with a huge family water fight (we got Dustin really good!).
Here are the boys wrestling:)

We then went to City Blast in Puyallup where the kids got their faces painted, went down more slides, watched a concert, and saw an amazing fireworks show.

Looks like Camdin was winning this race.

Camdin wanted a Batman face. It turned out pretty cute.

Colton got a red "firework".

We had to wait awhile for the sun to go down before the fireworks. There was a fun concert. Camdin had fun singing along to most of the songs.

Happy 4th of July!!

We saw an amazing 20 minute firework show that had great fireworks, some that I had never seen before.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camping Part 2

After two nights up near Leavenworth we moved more south to a place it was OK to ride four wheelers and shoot guns. We stayed another night and played more enjoyed our toys:)

Adam and Colton going for a ride.
Blake and Camdin.

These boys love four wheelers!

Popcorn in the trailer!

The boys picked me flowers. They were beautiful, I love my guys!

Camping Trip

We went camping on the weekend before the Fourth of July. We went up toward Leavenworth hoping to get some warm weather, and it worked! We camped there for two nights and played and ate and swam. It was great!

Our RV park had a pool! The weather was great and we all loved the pool.

Our boys are little fish that just love the water.

Camdin got really good with his kick board and could go across the pool with it all by himself.

Throwing rocks in the river!

Colton loved playing catch!

Camdin had lots of fun playing horse shoes.
Dustin helped the boys make some baskets.

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What we have been up to....

Trips to the beach.
And lots and lots of bike rides!
Camdin is so fast and is doing so good!

Colton is gaining confidence on his "new" bike and is doing great at trying to keep up with his big brother.