Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teeny Tiny Visitors

Last week I got an unexpected email from my cousin saying she would be in Seattle for a few days and wanted to stop by. We don't get many visitors so we were excited. We were even happier to hear that she would have her two new babies with her. Asher and Oliver were only two weeks old and they were so tiny. As you all know my boys came out big (10lbs 4oz, and 9lbs) so to hold babies that were only 5lbs was different. Camdin and Colton loved holding the babies they loved giving them bottles and talking to them. While they were holding them they would get so quiet and serious. It was so fun to watch!
Thanks for stopping by Chelsey Ken and babies! I hope things aren't too crazy at home:)


Suzanne said...

they are SO tiny!! you're boys will be good big brothers!