Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ape Caves

Over Memorial weekend we went hiking with some friends at Ape Caves. It was a very hard hike through long tunnels made in lava beds. For two hours and forty five minutes we crawled through dark tunnels, up falls, over boulders, bumping unto rocks and each other. We had fun but if I could do it again I would wait until the boys were older and could be more independent.
Heading down into the cave.

Checking out holes in the walls.

There were some cool rocks.

Camdin had fun looking and listening for dragons:)

Crawling through tunnels.

The boys were amazing! They were so tough and brave.

Family picture the "skylight".

Camdin and I climbing the latter out.

Dustin and Colton coming out of the cave. It was so nice to see the sun.

The short hike back to the truck was fun.

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