Sunday, June 26, 2011

On Two Wheels!

This last Tuesday Camdin learned to ride his bike with no training wheels! He caught on so fast! Within one hour he was riding in circles around our culd a sac. We tried last year and he wasn't quite ready. This time around he was very determined and always got up quickly and wanted to try again. Way to Go Camdin we are so proud of you! Taking off the training wheels

Friday, June 24, 2011

Baseball Game

Last weekend we went to our first baseball game of the season, for Blake's Birthday. We had so much fun.

My crazy crew.

Watching the game.

Whats a baseball game without a hot dog!?

And Licorice?:)
The fireworks were a huge hit after the game. I love Camdin's expression.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teeny Tiny Visitors

Last week I got an unexpected email from my cousin saying she would be in Seattle for a few days and wanted to stop by. We don't get many visitors so we were excited. We were even happier to hear that she would have her two new babies with her. Asher and Oliver were only two weeks old and they were so tiny. As you all know my boys came out big (10lbs 4oz, and 9lbs) so to hold babies that were only 5lbs was different. Camdin and Colton loved holding the babies they loved giving them bottles and talking to them. While they were holding them they would get so quiet and serious. It was so fun to watch!
Thanks for stopping by Chelsey Ken and babies! I hope things aren't too crazy at home:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Unsuccessful Camping Trip

A couple weeks ago we tried to go camping up at Evans Creek. Little did we know they still had three feet of snow in their camp ground. It was not even 50 degrees up there so we were cold. We ended up staying one night in the staging area (a huge mud pit), then came home the next day. We did have some fun four wheeling in the mud and snow. Next time we need to check conditions before packing up:)
The boys loved the mud.

My cuddle bug.

Rainier was beautiful.

King of the Mountain!

The Perfect End To A Hard Day

Last week the boys and I had a hard day. It seemed like everything I had planned to get done was not working and we were all getting frustrated, so half way through we gave up went home the got out the slip and slide and watermelon and had fun. This was our first time getting it out this year and boy did my boys love it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Schools Out!!

Camdin is out of school for the summer. Yea!! He had a great year this year. He made great friends, learned his letters, can write his name, and most importantly had fun and can't wait to go back next year.
This is Camdin and Mrs.Peterson.

Ape Caves

Over Memorial weekend we went hiking with some friends at Ape Caves. It was a very hard hike through long tunnels made in lava beds. For two hours and forty five minutes we crawled through dark tunnels, up falls, over boulders, bumping unto rocks and each other. We had fun but if I could do it again I would wait until the boys were older and could be more independent.
Heading down into the cave.

Checking out holes in the walls.

There were some cool rocks.

Camdin had fun looking and listening for dragons:)

Crawling through tunnels.

The boys were amazing! They were so tough and brave.

Family picture the "skylight".

Camdin and I climbing the latter out.

Dustin and Colton coming out of the cave. It was so nice to see the sun.

The short hike back to the truck was fun.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Time

While Dustin and I were in Mexico the boys stayed here in Washington with my parents. They had so much fun. Everyday they got to do something fun. They went to parks, the jump zone, the beach, and chucky cheese. They even got to have a "Yes Day". If you haven't read the book you should check it out it is pretty cute. Everything the boys asked for they got (with in reason). I know they had hot dogs for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and crab for dinner. Those lucky boys!
Feeding the ducks.

At the beach.

For Colton's Birthday they went to chucky cheese.

Cake and Ice Cream

Thanks so much for coming mom and dad! I hope you have recovered from your busy trip:) The boys are still talking about your visit and can't wait until you come again.