Monday, May 23, 2011

Zip Line

Here is Dustin and I about half way through the coarse. I was finally starting to relax and have fun.

So this was my first zine line. As you can see I was scared:) So how it worked was there was a guide at the top and at the bottom. The guide at the bottom was supposed to give me the brake sign and then I was to push down on the rope with my right hand. Well I rarely got the brake sign so I always came in going super fast. So that is why my face looks the way it does:)

Dustin has done zip lines before so he was more clam and looks like he is having fun:)

This is us going down the last zip line. We were racing, can you tell who won?


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Suzanne said...

the zip line pictures are KILLING me, i seriously almost just cried! ugh. i cannot believe we didn't get to go, i'm even more dissapointed now! guess we'll have to go back!! and i am SO GLAD you guys went and had such an amazing time!!