Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Dustin and I and some friends went on a no kids vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was so fun! It was 5 nights of no kids and fun in the sun. My parents flew down from Alaska to watch the boys. Thanks again mom and dad! Although I think they had just as much fun as we did (more about that to come).
Suzanne and I, we all had fun hanging out without our kiddos.

Several nights we got to eat dinner out on the patio and watch the sunset.

Our view out on our balcony.

The weather was so nice, in the 90s everyday.

We had fun!

Our pool was perfect.

We had such a great time!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Zip Line

Here is Dustin and I about half way through the coarse. I was finally starting to relax and have fun.

So this was my first zine line. As you can see I was scared:) So how it worked was there was a guide at the top and at the bottom. The guide at the bottom was supposed to give me the brake sign and then I was to push down on the rope with my right hand. Well I rarely got the brake sign so I always came in going super fast. So that is why my face looks the way it does:)

Dustin has done zip lines before so he was more clam and looks like he is having fun:)

This is us going down the last zip line. We were racing, can you tell who won?


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Puerto Vallarta Adventures

One of the main reasons we chose Puerto Vallarta for our vacation was because Dustin wanted to go on the zip line coarse there. Unfortunately on the morning of Suzanne was sick so Dustin and I went alone. I am still bummed that our friends didn't get to go because it was so much fun! We started out the day on a 30 min boat trip where they took us across the bay.

We then got in and rode in these jeeps up a cliff to the zip line area. It was very bumpy and you had to hold on almost the whole time.

Here is us before the jeep ride.

We then got all geared up with a helmet, gloves, dust bandanna, and harness. Not the most comfortable gear. Next we jumped on a donkey and had a long ride up another cliff. From there you hike up a short trail to the first zip line.

Here is Dustin repelling down a water fall into some water.

Here is me repelling down the water fall. Feel free to laugh at my facial expressions, I know I did:)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Colton Turns 3

I can't believe that my baby is three. His birthday was while Dustin and I were in Mexico, so I am a little late getting this up. Happy Birthday Colton!! Colton is the first to tell everyone that we "missed it." Sorry stinker we will make it up to you:) We love you and are so happy you are in our family.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I broke down this year and bought us a family pass to the zoo. We took my mom while she was here and we had a great time. I love how into all of the animals the boys are and all of the crazy questions they have about them:)
Grandma and Camdin watching the penguins.

These monkeys were so fun to watch.

Grandma and Colton

And a trip to the zoo is never complete without stopping and playing in the play area.

I am so happy that the weather is finally nice and we can enjoy time outside again!

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Mothers Day!

I had a great Mothers Day this year! My mom was visiting and my hubby went all out for both of us. He got us both flowers, made us breakfast, got the kids ready for church, did the dishes, and made an amazing salmon dinner. Thanks babe, it was the best day! I as so grateful be a mother and love my amazing family.
I love you mom! Thanks for all you do for me!

Grandma with my crazy boys!

Mother's Day Tea

Camdin's school had a mother's day tea. It was so sweet he made me a corsage, made me a picture, and sang to us. The teacher also asked him why loves me. He said, "She takes me to the grocery store and sometimes she lets me pick out a toy. She bakes cookies for us and reads me a story at bedtime." Is that sweet or what?! I love you Camdin thanks for a great tea party.

Cinco de Mayo!

For Cinco de Mayo we had a party this year! We made some great Mexican food and then let the kids go crazy on a pinata.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Colton was so fun to watch, his tongue was out every time he swung his bat.

Camdin took things very seriously and split the thing open!

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