Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fishing Field Trip

Camdin's latest field trip for preschool was to Bob's Fishin Hole. It was suggested that this would be a good one for dad to go on. Unfortunately Dustin was unable to go, so me and my boys went fishin:) It was more fun then I expected. Bob did everything with the kids so I was able to stand back watch and take pictures. Here was everyone in front of the baby fish tank. It was actually a cool set up with fish eggs and little water slides for the fish to go on to get to bigger ponds.
All of the kids got to feed the fish. The fish loved that.
The kids got to take turns being the fisher and the net person.
Camdin had fun doing both.
Camdin with his fish.

Colton with his fish.

Bob gutted the fish and bagged them up. The boys can't wait to eat them:)


Suzanne said...

i LOVE the look on Camdin's face when he's holding the fish, it is hilarious!!! that is the coolest fieldtrip ever!