Friday, February 18, 2011

More Cousins

Since we were so close to more family I decided to stay a couple extra days and drive and see my sister and brothers families. I rented a car a drove to Idaho Falls and stayed two nights. We crammed as many activities into those days and had a blast. We went to blast off, bowling, and had a sleep over. I wish we lived closer the boys cousins. I love how close I was to my cousins growing up. Now that the kids are getting older they remember each other and play so well together.

The ball pit at blast off.
Bowling started off really good, but towards the end several of the kids didn't want to do it anymore. I think Kaiden got in lots of practice:)

The sleepover! It didn't last all night after almost 2 hours of playing we finally separated them:)
Pretending to sleep.
Colton and Cambrie
Camdin and Connor
Saying goodbye was hard. Thanks for letting us come and play Kluane!
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