Friday, January 21, 2011

More Cruise!

Every night the guy who cleaned our room would make a towel animal for us. The boys got the biggest kick out it, and the adults got in debates about what kind of animal it was:)

Before dinner sometimes the kids had too much energy so they would go up and run around to burn it off. We have a fast bunch of kids:)

We were able to stay entertained everyday! The boys loved the ping pong, miniature golf, and swimming. There was no time to be board.

On our last "fine dinning" dinner night we went and got a group picture taken. It turned out really good. We have a great looking bunch.
Me and my boys!
Connor Camdin and Kaiden had so much fun together!
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Anonymous said...

Ok, this really makes me want to go on another! Love all the pics- yes you guys are a good looking bunch :)! Miss ya!