Saturday, January 1, 2011


We all took turns opening up the presents and all of the kids did great about waiting until it was their turn.

Colton was thrilled to wake up at midnight and see that Santa brought the pillow pet he asked for. He also got a dragon and batman cave and many other toys he has loved playing with.

Camdin's first present he was sure it was a Toothless and it was. He got the "big Toothless" that he told Santa about. He also got many other fun toys that he has loved.

The boys got a hot wheels set that is loud and fun, a play dough set, and Grandma Conk sent a Alfie that has been teaching them non-stop.
This year I got to surprise Dustin with gifts (he usually just buys something and says it is his Christmas present). We got him an ipod speakers, and a pair of Keen shoes.
I gave Dustin a list of things I wanted and he did great! I got a panini maker, ipad accessories, and a cricket cartridge.
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Grandma and Grandpa got their Calender of pictures of the grand kids that they loved.


Anonymous said...

What pillow pet did he get? Olivia and Ella just got one the other day. Isn't it funny how some things each year are what every kid wants??!! Love all the pics and I'm glad you had your parents and fam here too- it looks like you had fun (I'm jealous of your Leavenworth sleigh ride :)!!)