Friday, January 21, 2011

More Cruise!

Every night the guy who cleaned our room would make a towel animal for us. The boys got the biggest kick out it, and the adults got in debates about what kind of animal it was:)

Before dinner sometimes the kids had too much energy so they would go up and run around to burn it off. We have a fast bunch of kids:)

We were able to stay entertained everyday! The boys loved the ping pong, miniature golf, and swimming. There was no time to be board.

On our last "fine dinning" dinner night we went and got a group picture taken. It turned out really good. We have a great looking bunch.
Me and my boys!
Connor Camdin and Kaiden had so much fun together!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whale Watching and Snorkeling

On our second day in Cabo we went whale watching and snorkeling. I did not expect much from the whale watching but we saw like 7 different whales and got super close to them. It was amazing. Snorkeling was fun. The kids did not enjoy it but the adults all took turns going down and looking at amazing tropical fish. I wish we had a underwater camera because it was cool.
Dustin got lots of great pics of the whales, here are my favorites. The big splash is of one jumping.

We went to a little cove that we almost had to ourselves. The kids loved running in and out with the waves.

The boys both got geared up for snorkeling but couldn't get the hang of keeping your face in the water and only lasted a few minutes.

We had so much fun!
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On our first day in Cabo we went on a glass bottom boat ride. We saw fish, seals, and the beautiful area of Cabo. We also went to a hotel and swam in their pool ate lunch and played in the ocean.

Checking out the fish through the glass bottom boat was cool.

Grandma and Tayson

The boys got a kick out of seeing a pirate ship and our cruise ship.
Getting a group picture of the kids was hard. Here is all of the grand kids except baby Maylee. They all loved the pool.

Kaiden and Camdin
Uncle Keegan had fun catching jumping kids.

The beach was a blast the kids loved the waves and sand.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

1st Dress Up Night

I had fun getting dressed up for our "fine dinning" nights. The food was amazing and I think my family is so good looking:)

Lobster and Prime rib were our families favorites of the night. Camdin ate his own whole piece of prime rib, and Dustin ate 3 lobster tails!
We all enjoyed the food!
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Day 1 of Cruise

Getting on the cruise ship went very smoothly. We got there early so the lines were fairly small. The kids did great (mostly because of the iPad). Once we got on we sat out and enjoyed some San Diego sunshine while we waited for the rest of our crew to arrive.
The boys did not like the sunshine at first and wanted to go back inside (crazy kids). Mine and Dustin's sun glasses were a quick fix.

That night we enjoyed our first of many dips in the hot tub.

I Want To Go Back

After being home for a week I am ready to go back on the cruise ship. I miss the warm weather, the time with my family, the food, the room cleaning, and the fun things we did. I am still sorting through all of the pictures but so far after looking at these two I want to go back right now!

Cabo San Lucas (from the cruise ship)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Years!!

After spending two wild days at the water park we kept things pretty simple for our New Years celebration. We had a crab feast, set off some fireworks, and went to bed early. It was a great way to ring in the new year. Yeah for 2011!!
We watched the crazy men outside in the cold set off the fireworks while we sat in a nice warm truck with heated seats and hot coco.

Happy New Year!!