Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Party!

We just had our ward Christmas party this weekend. Santa came and so that was a huge deal for both of the boys. Camdin as you can see was very serious while on his lap and got straight down to business of telling Santa what he wanted. This year I know what it is:) He wants a big toothless (the black dragon for the movie How To Train Your Dragon). Colton was also very serious more because he was a little scared of Santa. He did tell Santa that he wanted candy, but I am pretty sure he just wanted a candy cane. We are having tons of fun getting ready for Christmas in our home.

After the party we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. It was fun to listen to the boys ooh and ahh over every house.


Suzanne said...

how fun! you're boys look more handsome than ever... if that's possible, they're both looking so grown up, we haven't even been gone that long!!