Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve Jammies

It is a tradition of our family that we have the kids open up jammies on Christmas Eve (so they look nice for Christmas morning pictures). As the boys were opening up their jammies both were not feeling very well. Camdin had been having the stomach flu (so I thought) earlier that week but was feeling better earlier that day, now he started throwing up again and getting a high fever. I was not excited because I wanted my kids to have a great Christmas morning and now both were sick. Unfortunately the night kept getting worse. Both wok up at midnight with high fevers and throwing up. So after a warm bath and more medicine I put them both back to bed. Four hours latter Camdin wok us up with moaning of pain. We found him in the fetal position rocking back and fourth in extreme pain with a high fever. We made the decision to take him to the ER where he had an 105.5 rectal temp, low O2 stats. and full blown pneumonia in his lungs. Doctors and nurses both rushed around giving him medicine, an IV, X-rays and doing all sorts of tests. He received three different IV antibiotics and we walked away from the ER with completely different kid then when we got there. My parents brought Colton in also to get checked and his lungs were clear (thank goodness). Camdin is back to normal and we are getting his lungs checked again to make sure they are clear so we can go on our cruise. It was not the Christmas Eve night I had planned but I am so thankful everyone is safe and healthy again.r

We were reading the night before Christmas on the iPad.


Suzanne said...

oh my gosh, how scary! poor camdin... i am SO glad you took him in and they were able to make him feel better! i hope he gets better soon, in time for your cruise!! give him our love!