Tuesday, November 2, 2010

He Did IT!!!

Dustin did it, he passed his test. For those of you wondering what test it was it was his final test to become an elevator mechanic. For the last four years Dustin has been working as an apprentice and going to school to become an elevator mechanic. At the end of each year he had to take a test over that years material in order to move on to the next year. Well this year being his last he not only took the final covering year four he also took another final cover all of the material over the last four years (That is a lot of stuff). We found out that he passed! It was a hard long test that lasted 3 1/2 hours and he had to use so many math formulas and know all kinds of crazy definitions. He hasn't gotten it back so he doesn't know his percentage yet but he heard from his bosses boss that he passed. What a relief!! It has been a long couple months and years with Dustin studying but now I know it was all worth it.
I am so proud of you Dustin, great job!
I Love You Babe!


Suzanne said...

YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! time to celebrate!!

Anonymous said...

Yea! That is awesome! What a relief! Congrats to you both ;)!

Nate and Alyssa said...

That is GREAT!!! Congratulations!!!

Mama C said...

Whooohoooo!!! Congrats!