Thursday, July 1, 2010


We went on a family camping trip to Conconully, WA. We stayed three nights and had a blast. It was great weather and there was so much to do! It was over fathers day weekend so Dustin said he had the perfect fathers day (I will have to remember that).

The boys got new spider man fishing poles that they had fun with. On our last night they finally caught a fish (it was on another persons pole, but that still counts right?).

Our camp site has a deer that visits twice a day for a snack. Camdin thought it was pretty cool and that the deer tickled his fingers. Colton was freaked out and did not want the deer near him.

With the nice weather of coarse we had to go swimming. The boys had so much fun!

On one of our four wheeler rides we went to the "China wall". It has a sad story but it was pretty impressive what people were able to build with just their hands and muscles a long time ago.