Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While we were there we were able to meet my brother's new baby girl, Maylee. We were all so in love with her. She was only a month old and was so tiny, with a head full of dark hair. Whenever she was around my boys asked me all the time when they were getting a little sister. It was so cute(by the way not for a long time).

Thanks Jessi, for letting us cuttle your baby! We loved it.

Watch Out For the Conks!!

Some how in the last couple months we have managed to get several new guns.
It is very hard in Washington to find a place where it is legal to shoot outdoors so while we were in Wyoming we jumped on the chance to try out our new guns.
Dustin got a new shot gun. Here he is shooting discs while someone is throwing them up in the air.
I got a 308, it is for hunting. I decided if I am going hunting I better have something I can shoot.

We got Camdin and Colton a little 22. Don't worry Camdin is the only one that can shoot it but he has to have someone around to help him aim.

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we drove to Bear Lake to spend time with Dustin's family. This year we fortunately had a pretty uneventful 16 hour drive (it was that long because of road construction). Once we got there we did not have the best weather but there were several breaks in the clouds where we were able to get out and have fun four wheeling. We took our 2 big four wheelers and the boys little one. All of the nephews enjoyed going for a ride in the open field. We did decide that next year we are going for 4th of July so we can enjoy the lake too.
Grandma and our boys.
My brother Keegan's family was able to come join us with his 2 kids.
Uncle Brian and Aunt Emily gave the boys Nerf guns that kept them busy while the big boys were shooting the big guns.
JJ and Camdin were practically inseparable.
Paka taking the little cousins for a ride on his new ranger.
Don't worry they were just playing:)
Colton is just too cute!
Colton was getting inpatient for his turn for the little four wheeler so he took over the big one:)