Thursday, April 29, 2010

The New Toy

Dustin got it into his head awhile ago that the boys needed their own four wheeler. It is kind of silly and dangerous. But so far it has been so much fun!
Our first time trying it out was when we went to Evans Creek. It was perfect because we went on a Friday so the place was practically empty and we had the whole parking lot for the kids to play around in. We put a throttle restrict on it so it can't go very fast and added pegs to the peddles so they can touch. Camdin is actually very good at slowly pressing the gas and turning. So far no accidents:)

Hard to Say Goodbye

On Monday it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. It was such a great week end and we all had so much fun. We can't wait to see everyone at Bear Lake next month.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zip Line

The trip could not be complete without the kids and a couple big boys trying out the zip line.

JJ had no fear the whole time.

After both of the boys went down normal they then went down "superman" style. They had so much fun and had to be dragged inside that night:)

I had to throw this one in to show how silly the Conk brothers can be:)

Pacific Science Center

On Saturday we all went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. This was mine and Dustin's first time taking two kids. It was crazy trying to keep track of the boys because whenever they saw something cool they just ran off. I think my boys favorite parts were the dinosaur exhibit, water sprayers, and space center. But the whole thing was very fun.

In this pic Colton is looking up the huge T-Rex. I love that face:)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Four Wheeling

We took everyone up for a four wheeling trip up to Evans Creek. The weather was a little cold but we all had so much fun. The kids were able to play and run wild and the adults were able to ride on some great trails.
Paka taking Colton and Brooklyn for a ride.

JJ and Camdin eating lunch.

Grandma taking Colton for a ride.

Nikki and I before our ride. We had so much fun and got so stuck in the mud. It was our first time getting unstuck without asking the boys for help. Girl Power:)!!

Beach Fun With Family

Dustin's parents his brother and his brothers family came for a visit this last weekend. We had so much fun. Their two kids and our two boys are just both just months apart so they got along so well. All weekend they played and played.
We started out the visit with a trip to the beach. The kids got filthy dirty and were able to find sea shells and run and splash in the water. After getting the kids cleaned up we went and had a delicious sea food dinner.

All four of the kids playing in the water. It really was pretty cold but the kids were running around so much they stayed warm.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

On my parents last day we filled it full of riding bikes and swimming. I think my boys really love it when people visit because we get out and do all sorts of fun things. Not only that but my parents spoiled them with toys and played non stop with them. My boys are still talking about Grandma and Grandpa chasing them around our kitchen. I would also like to thank them for watching my boys while Dustin and I went out for some us time. Thanks Mom and Dad, we can't wait until you come back for another visit!

Rhododendron Garden

While my parents were visiting we went to the rhododendron garden near our house. It was not very warm but it stayed dry for most of our walk. We had fun looking at all the pretty flowers and plants and the boys were able to burn off some energy so I would say the afternoon went great.

Towards the end it had started to sprinkle. I am glade we went prepared.

Easter Photo Shoot

Happy Easter
Love the Conk Family


Easter morning started out with checking out Easter baskets and a Easter egg hunt. After the boys were done we headed down to watch conference and eat breakfast. We then got dressed and had an out door Easter egg hunt and an Easter photo shoot (pics to follow). After all that we made an Easter lunch and died Easter eggs. Camdin was so cute when I was explained how we dye Easter eggs. He just looked at me and asked "the eggs are dead?" That is a hard one to explain that some words have several different meanings:)
It was so nice having my parents in town visiting with us. It was a great Easter filled with fun, family, candy and was really uplifting with a great conference.
We dyed eggs during Colton's nap.

Grandpa giving Camdin a boost.


Happy Birthday to ME!!

After Dustin and I have been married for 6 years he is finally learning (or maybe I have leaned to be more blunt) that I need my birthday to be made into a big deal. This year was great he bought me presents (with several hints), I had a delicious cake,and we went out for a great dinner with the family.
This is the first year where I have defiantly felt like I am truly getting old, but so far I am enjoying it. Maybe this year since I am getting older I wont have people asking me if my mother is home when I answer the door:)

Play Group Easter Egg Hunt

The week before Easter my play group had a Easter egg hunt. It had to be held in doors this year because of the rain:( But the kids and I had lots of fun going around the church and searching in every nook and cranny looking for all of the candy filled eggs.