Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look Who's Talking

Colton's vocabulary has grown so much over the last couple weeks, it has been amazing. He went from refusing to say anything to saying words all on his own (no prompting). He has even started saying phrases. His favorite phrase right now is, "I got you."
A couple of his new words are : airplane, bike, please, cow, horse, owie, juice, candy, gun, elk, fish (can you tell we went to Cabelas lately) .....
Some words I wish he would forget would be: no, and meme (binkie).
Way to go Colton you are amazing!
On a side note I am happy to report at Colton's last weeks check up I was relieved to find out he remains on the chart (the nation wide growth chart). He is hanging on about the same in the bottom 5th percent for height and bottom 3rd percent for weight. I was very nervous that he would no longer be on because I have had many people think was under 1 year old and amazed he could walk already:)