Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camdin's Perspective

Camdin has started taking pictures. I wont let him use our good camera yet but he loves to play around with the smaller one. It has been fun going trough his pictures and seeing what he thinks is picture worthy. He is so cute when he is about to take a picture he says "cheese" in this silly way that just makes you want to smile. I remember a couple of days ago I was reading in bed and he must have told me to say "cheese" a dozen times. Now I know what he goes through on a daily bases:)
Camdin took so many of his monster trucks smashing each other.
Here is a great one of me getting out of the shower:)

I think Camdin plans to use this as black male over Colton in the future.

PS. I had no idea this was going on. Good thing there are no sharpie marks on my couch.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Wife

Happy Life!

After being a devoted mother and wife for several years and never getting a night off I decided that I deserved a break. The plan was for Dustin and I to get away for a trip but unfortunately family was unable to watch them. So because I am still deserving of a trip I talked Dustin into letting me and some other deserving moms go on a get-away trip without husbands and kids. Well it happened and it was great! We went on a 4 night cruise from LA to Mexico. I was able to sleep with out getting woken up, work out whenever I wanted, read books and magazines, go shopping and soke up some sun. It was hard being away from my family but I think I came back capable of being a better mother with more patience.

Catalina Island

Ensanata Mexico

Suzanne and I about to go into our fancy dinner on the cruise.

Before heading home we checked out some of LA. Here is Sandra Bullock's Star.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Know Its True

If you can't read their shirts they say, "The Ladies Love Me." How true how true:) I think I have the cutest valentines around. Oh and this is them showing you their muscles. Impressive, Hugh?

This week for play group we went to a friends house and played and decorated heart shaped sugar cookies. It was so much fun and surprisingly not that out of control considering there were over a dozen kids. Thanks Keri for making all of those cookies they were so good!

Super Bowl

On Sunday we went to a friends house for a Super Bowl party. We had so much fun and ate so much good food. There ended up being enough food to feed double the amount of people:) The kids had a blast playing a watching football. It was actually a pretty good game and most everyone was happy the Saint won. Thanks for a great Day!

Don't worry it is only root beer:)
I just had to show how much Camdin is taking after his dad.

3 1/2

After I took pictures of Camdin the other day I was looking at them after I was done and realized he is looking so much older. Then I counted up the months and he is 3 1/2 this month. WOW! He is getting up there and is looking so mature. He is my little helper and is so wonderful with Colton.(Sometimes I think he has more patience with Colton then I do.)
The other day I was walking into the office and I heard Camdin calmly tell Colton. "Colton we do not hit people it hurts them. Do I need to count to three." I had to laugh at grown up he is about getting beat up by his little brother:)

I love you Camdin. You are amazing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look Who's Talking

Colton's vocabulary has grown so much over the last couple weeks, it has been amazing. He went from refusing to say anything to saying words all on his own (no prompting). He has even started saying phrases. His favorite phrase right now is, "I got you."
A couple of his new words are : airplane, bike, please, cow, horse, owie, juice, candy, gun, elk, fish (can you tell we went to Cabelas lately) .....
Some words I wish he would forget would be: no, and meme (binkie).
Way to go Colton you are amazing!
On a side note I am happy to report at Colton's last weeks check up I was relieved to find out he remains on the chart (the nation wide growth chart). He is hanging on about the same in the bottom 5th percent for height and bottom 3rd percent for weight. I was very nervous that he would no longer be on because I have had many people think was under 1 year old and amazed he could walk already:)