Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve Jammies

It is a tradition of our family that we have the kids open up jammies on Christmas Eve (so they look nice for Christmas morning pictures). As the boys were opening up their jammies both were not feeling very well. Camdin had been having the stomach flu (so I thought) earlier that week but was feeling better earlier that day, now he started throwing up again and getting a high fever. I was not excited because I wanted my kids to have a great Christmas morning and now both were sick. Unfortunately the night kept getting worse. Both wok up at midnight with high fevers and throwing up. So after a warm bath and more medicine I put them both back to bed. Four hours latter Camdin wok us up with moaning of pain. We found him in the fetal position rocking back and fourth in extreme pain with a high fever. We made the decision to take him to the ER where he had an 105.5 rectal temp, low O2 stats. and full blown pneumonia in his lungs. Doctors and nurses both rushed around giving him medicine, an IV, X-rays and doing all sorts of tests. He received three different IV antibiotics and we walked away from the ER with completely different kid then when we got there. My parents brought Colton in also to get checked and his lungs were clear (thank goodness). Camdin is back to normal and we are getting his lungs checked again to make sure they are clear so we can go on our cruise. It was not the Christmas Eve night I had planned but I am so thankful everyone is safe and healthy again.r

We were reading the night before Christmas on the iPad.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we had a full house. My parents and my brother's family were visiting. We decided to spend Christmas Eve up in Leavenworth. It was the perfect day up there it was pretty warm and it was snowing. We all went on a slay ride through the woods where we sang Christmas songs and enjoyed the scenery. We then had fun exploring Leavenworth and its shops and lots of it's food. It was a great Christmas Eve adventure.
We were petting the horses after and Colton just had to give both of the horses kisses:)
Catching snowflakes was fun!

The Christmas lights were amazing.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung...

By the chimney with care.

So after three years of planning to make stockings for our family I finally did it! I was even able to embroider our names on the tops with my super cool sewing machine that I got last year. Anyway I had to show off my latest finished project:)

Camdin's 1st Christmas Program

On Tuesday Camdin had his first school Christmas program. He did great! I wish I had a way to post the whole thing up on here but unfortunately it was like 30 min long so it wont let me. Dustin unfortunately couldn't get off work so I taped the whole thing (he was pretty frustrated that they scheduled it on a Tuesday at 10am). Camdin sang so many songs and had 4 different scriptures memorized that he said with his class. I am so proud of you Camdin!

Eating cookies after.

Christmas Cookies

We went and decorated cookies with some friends this last week. It was so nice they had all of the cookies all made and we got to come and play decorating them. The boys ate every cookie that they frosted, probably 3 a piece. Our friends have all older kids and they are just great with our little guys. I think we all had fun! Thanks again for inviting us.

Decorating the Tree

Last week for FHE we decorated the Christmas Tree. We put on the Christmas music and the kids went crazy putting ornaments everywhere. I then went back through and added a little bit of order to their cayos. Here is the final product. Pretty, huh?

Monday, December 13, 2010

We found our tree!

We found our Christmas tree! We went to a you cut Christmas tree lot this year and picked a beautiful tree. As we were leaving it started raining pretty hard but for the most part the weather was nice.
Getting our family picture taken with Santa.
Looking for the perfect tree.

After 5 minutes of looking we found it!

Going for a ride.

They had these little cars there that made Camdin and Colton's day.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Party!

We just had our ward Christmas party this weekend. Santa came and so that was a huge deal for both of the boys. Camdin as you can see was very serious while on his lap and got straight down to business of telling Santa what he wanted. This year I know what it is:) He wants a big toothless (the black dragon for the movie How To Train Your Dragon). Colton was also very serious more because he was a little scared of Santa. He did tell Santa that he wanted candy, but I am pretty sure he just wanted a candy cane. We are having tons of fun getting ready for Christmas in our home.

After the party we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. It was fun to listen to the boys ooh and ahh over every house.

Thankful Tree

For the month of November our family made a thankful tree. Every night (almost) each one of us thought of something that we were thankful for and wrote it on a leaf and put it on our tree. Camdin and Colton's answers were funny and precious at the same time. It was a great way to involve the kids in remembering all of many blessings. I hope we can remember to do this every year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day

We had a small snow storm here in the north west. Around here that means that school gets canceled and things get crazy. So Camdin Colton and I got to have a snow day because Camdin didn't have school and I did not want to go out around all of the crazy drivers that don't know how to drive in the snow. It ended up being a great relaxing day of laundry, sledding, snowball fights, cooking and crafting. Maybe I should stay home more because it was tons of fun!
The boys had so much fun with their trash bag sled. We will have to see if it is better than the real one that Dustin brought home today:).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Climbing Trees

The boys were begging me to take their picture of them climbing trees the other day while I was raking leaves. That does not happen very often, them wanting me to take their picture. So here you go. They are very proud at their crazy climbing skills:)

I love these boys!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

He Did IT!!!

Dustin did it, he passed his test. For those of you wondering what test it was it was his final test to become an elevator mechanic. For the last four years Dustin has been working as an apprentice and going to school to become an elevator mechanic. At the end of each year he had to take a test over that years material in order to move on to the next year. Well this year being his last he not only took the final covering year four he also took another final cover all of the material over the last four years (That is a lot of stuff). We found out that he passed! It was a hard long test that lasted 3 1/2 hours and he had to use so many math formulas and know all kinds of crazy definitions. He hasn't gotten it back so he doesn't know his percentage yet but he heard from his bosses boss that he passed. What a relief!! It has been a long couple months and years with Dustin studying but now I know it was all worth it.
I am so proud of you Dustin, great job!
I Love You Babe!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Unfortunately the boys were not feeling very well on Halloween. They both had runny noses and coughs. But once the trick er treader's started coming to the house they talked me into letting them go around the culd a sac once. They went to 6 houses and made out like bandits.

Here is Black Iron Man (Camdin)and Red Iron Man(Colton).
Running to the next house.
Checking out their loot.
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