Thursday, November 12, 2009


This is pretty sad that I am just now posting about Halloween. I do have an excuse Dustin brought home the Swine Flu. He got it from a guy at work and one by one we have all gotten it. Luckily Camdin and Dustin got over it in 48 hours. Colton and I have gotten a cold with it so we are just finally feeling 100% again.
We did have a great Halloween. We went to the ward trunk-er-treat and the boys were able to play games and get tons of candy. Dustin took them around our culd-a-sac wear our neighbors gave them bags or candy(literally). It was a great Halloween. I am so glade the boys didn't get sick until after it was over.

There was no getting Camdin to look at the camera, he was too excited about the candy.

I have been getting many pics of this face. I think he is saying "enough already".