Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday we had our play group Halloween dress rehearsal. We had a great turn out and the kids had tons of fun playing. It is also nice to get a little more use out of their cute costumes. So I made Camdin's ninja costume this year and was planing on making Colton a ninja costume too but Camdin's old dinosaur costume is cute and it fits Colton perfectly so i didn't. Camdin is so funny about his costume one minute he is a ninja the next batman and then iron man, who new a costume could be so versatile:) I am just glade he likes it because when he saw Colton's he threw a fit and said he wanted to be a dinosaur too.


Suzanne said...

you are so talented, his costume looks awesome! i love the dino on colton too, he is just the cutest! it'll keep him nice and warm too!