Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sarurday With Dad

Yesterday Dustin took the boys for almost a whole day. He got them dressed and fed that morning and I didn't see them again until after 8 pm that night. This was the longest I have ever been away from them. Dustin Camdin and Colton and a friend of theirs went four wheeling for the day. They had great weather and had a blast going up and down trails for over 4 hours.
I on the other hand had a fun filled day of canning. This was my first experience with canning. My friend showed me how and together we canned two boxes of peaches and 2 boxes of pears. So in total I have 30 jars of peaches and 30 jars of pears. It was allot of work but really fun. I think I will make this a yearly thing sending the boys off for a day and having a day full of girl talk:)


Suzanne said...

I'm glad they had a good time, because I sure did! :o) I'll bring all your fruit over today so you can start enjoying it!!