Friday, August 14, 2009

Four Wheeling Adventure

So while I was gone Dustin found "the deal of a lifetime on the perfect four wheeler." So since I was unable to find any flaws with his four wheeler I gave him the OK. We now have two Yamaha Grizzly 700's. Having a second makes our family rides in the mountains so much more comfortable:) Yes the last couple times we went four wheeling we were stuffing all four of us on one machine. We got some smiles and funny looks as we rode past all of the serious dirt bikers. So all of that is in the past Camdin now rides with me and Colton with Dustin. It was so much fun. We rode up in Evans Creek to the top of a mountain. There were some great trails that were so much fun. We saw deer went on a walk around the top and even had a mini family photo shoot. It was a great Friday afternoon (I love that Dustin gets Fridays off.)

Camdin and Colton had so much fun.

Taking a short brake halfway up.

Just a quick side note about Dustin's crazy mad welding skills. While I was gone he finished making our ATV sled bed for the truck. He still needs to paint it but it turned out awesome. Thanks honey you are so handy!


Snowbrush said...

That's a great looking family you have there. Blessings on you all.