Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Hate Colton's Ears!!

Yes, I know it is a drastic title, but I am afraid I am at the end of my rope. Yes, you all have guessed it Colton has yet another ear infection. This will be the third night in row wear I have been up rocking a one year old and trying to console him. I can't believe it! I feel so bad for him but I am also so pissed that these dang tubes are not working. Luckily we caught this one early at his routine tube check up by the ENT. I was not even worried about his ears, because I was in total denial, I just kept telling myself he was teething (which he is) and the the reddish fluid was just left over from the surgery. I was sure he was done with these darn things. So he is now on ear drops and another antibiotic. I have been asking around to other moms that their children have had ear infections wondering when their kids grow out of them. I have heard 1 year, 18 months, and not until 3. So we could be in for a much longer road then I thought.

I have however learned to have a little more compassion for my little man, last month when I got an ear infection too. Crazy I know. It was very painful it took me most of the night to figure out what exactly it was. At the clinic the next day the doctor confirmed that it was an infection and was about to write me out a prescription for some strong pain pills until he found out I was still breastfeeding. It doesn't seem fair that all he gets is Tylenol. Anyway we are surviving, tonight will be 24 hours on antibiotics so hopefully it will be better.

Oh and if anyone has any tips for chronic ear infections please send them to me!!


scottandsteph said...

I am so SORRY. It is so horribe that the earaches keep reoccurring.
When I was little (a toddler and child) I would get horrible ear infections. I remember just crying and crying. Well, my mom would always mix up a concoction that might sound weird but I would beg for it. She would mince some fresh garlic and put it in a frying pan on low heat with about 3Tbsp. of olive oil, heat until it gets warm. She would let it cool and then pour some liquid into my ears make sure you don't pour any garlic into the ear. It HELPED so much. Now, I don't know if this would affect Colton's tubes. I know it sounds weird, but garlic and olive oil are both good for healing. I did actually have a friend just go to an Ear, Throat doctor and she ended up having wax build up and he told her that if she would pour a little olive oil in her ear it would help free up the wax build up. So it might be okay. I bet even if you just warmed some olive oil without any garlic it would probably help soothe it.

I don't know if this has been useful, but use it or don't use it as you may. I still use it today for whenever I get an ear infection, but I don't have tubes in my ears.

Good luck!