Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping......In the Rain

This weekend we decided to go camping with some friends of ours to Mt Rainier. Before this weekend the Seattle area has been having record breaking days without rain (for June). So of course the weekend we picked it rained everyday. Luckily Saturday it only sprinkled in the morning so we were able to have some fun. We went hiking saw cool water falls and big trees, the kids played with sticks and rocks and we were all so tired we were able to sleep good at night. Next time we go I will double check the weather report:)Give Camdin sticks rocks and water and he is entertained for hours.

This is on our way back after the first hike. The boys did good but could not make it the whole way. I think it would have helped if our back pack didn't get soaked.

Colton sitting in the dirt.

I love how green Washington is.


Suzanne said...

this is why jonathan is so apprehensive about camping... he's says everytime he goes, it rains! this proves you can have fun even if it is raining! i swear i'm going to drag him out and make him go anyways. glad you had a good time!

dna said...

Such cute boys you have!