Monday, June 22, 2009

Grove of the Patriarchs Trail

This was our last hike we did last weekend. I really loved it because it was short easy to do with kids and the trees and scenery were amazing. It said that some of the trees were over 30 stories high. (oh and we lost Internet connection for 3 days this week that is why this post is over due. I never realized how much I rely on the Internet until it was gone. Thanks honey for fixing it:)

This was far from the biggest tree, but the easiest to climb on:)

The kids loved posing for pictures.

Remember we were camping!

Camping......In the Rain

This weekend we decided to go camping with some friends of ours to Mt Rainier. Before this weekend the Seattle area has been having record breaking days without rain (for June). So of course the weekend we picked it rained everyday. Luckily Saturday it only sprinkled in the morning so we were able to have some fun. We went hiking saw cool water falls and big trees, the kids played with sticks and rocks and we were all so tired we were able to sleep good at night. Next time we go I will double check the weather report:)Give Camdin sticks rocks and water and he is entertained for hours.

This is on our way back after the first hike. The boys did good but could not make it the whole way. I think it would have helped if our back pack didn't get soaked.

Colton sitting in the dirt.

I love how green Washington is.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Swing Set

We have been searching for an affordable swing set once spring hit. I was checking craigslist at least twice a day. We found one last month but it was in some need of some major TLC. So after power washing all the mold and bugs out of it. We sanded it and stained/painted it. It was a ton of work but the boys have been loving it!! So worth it:)

Here is the best pic I have the whole thing. There are monkey bars behind it and swings and a ladder to the right.

Whee! Colton loves the slide.

And of course the swings.

I think Camdin would sleep in there if we would let him:)

Zip Line

Yesterday we had some friends come over for dinner. I was busy making dinner so of course the boys were up to no good:) They put in a zip line in our back yard!! I was a little nervous but once I saw my husband go down it I knew it was strong enough:) Well Camdin was the first child to try it out. As you can see from the pictures he was at first excited. But once he got up to the top he freaked out. So Dustin started him lower. After he was done we kept asking him if he wanted to go again and the answer was always "no".
Putting the harness on.Making sure he wont fall out of the harness.
Camdin getting scared and starting to cry.

Dustin pushing Camdin down the zip line.

Our friends little girl Nora was so brave she started from the top with no fear. (I love the face she is making happy yet you can see a little nervous.)

Friday, June 12, 2009


I can't believe how much time we are spending outside everyday. The boys love playing outside, and I love it too. The only down side is how dirty they get. It is crazy all of the places that are practically black when they come inside. This does not help in keeping my floors clean:)

Colton is a screamer (this was a happy scream).

He just keeps getting more and more blond.

Play Group Pool Fun

The weather has been great here in Washington. So for play group we have been able to go swimming the last two weeks. I was a little nervous taking both of the boys swimming by myself for the first time this year. But it went great! Camdin is still a little scared of the water and so he is cautious. He has started swimming by himself this week. With his little water wings on he can kick his feet and move some. Colton loves to splash and doesn't mind getting splashed:)Camdin loves to swim. I love these swim trunks on Colton. They are size 6-9 months:)
Oh and these ear plugs work great, they are sticky and stay in his ear perfectly.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Things Are Looking UP

So this morning Colton woke up with a smile on his face and has been doing a hundred and ten percent better. We had a very productive day and are ready for the weekend and some fun family time:)

I have been feeling a little guilty about my very negative post. I guess I just needed to vent out some of my built up frustrations. I love my son, (and his very cute ears) I would do anything for him and want him to be the healthy happy little boy that he should be. Colton is an amazing son his smile brightens up my day and is an amazing cuddliler. I love him dearly and am so greatful I get to be with him everyday.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Hate Colton's Ears!!

Yes, I know it is a drastic title, but I am afraid I am at the end of my rope. Yes, you all have guessed it Colton has yet another ear infection. This will be the third night in row wear I have been up rocking a one year old and trying to console him. I can't believe it! I feel so bad for him but I am also so pissed that these dang tubes are not working. Luckily we caught this one early at his routine tube check up by the ENT. I was not even worried about his ears, because I was in total denial, I just kept telling myself he was teething (which he is) and the the reddish fluid was just left over from the surgery. I was sure he was done with these darn things. So he is now on ear drops and another antibiotic. I have been asking around to other moms that their children have had ear infections wondering when their kids grow out of them. I have heard 1 year, 18 months, and not until 3. So we could be in for a much longer road then I thought.

I have however learned to have a little more compassion for my little man, last month when I got an ear infection too. Crazy I know. It was very painful it took me most of the night to figure out what exactly it was. At the clinic the next day the doctor confirmed that it was an infection and was about to write me out a prescription for some strong pain pills until he found out I was still breastfeeding. It doesn't seem fair that all he gets is Tylenol. Anyway we are surviving, tonight will be 24 hours on antibiotics so hopefully it will be better.

Oh and if anyone has any tips for chronic ear infections please send them to me!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden Results

Yeah, all of our hard work is paying off. Look at the first fruits of our hard labor:)
Don't worry there will be much more to come, we already have three tomatoes growing and we should have peas soon!