Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here We Go Again

Tomorrow Colton is getting different tubes put in. He has been having horrible screaming fits at night again. My poor baby has been in so much pain. We are praying these new tubes will be the answer. The Doctor says they are bigger and have a history of staying in better. So here we go again, tomorrow bright and early Colton is being put under again. I am scared sad and very hopeful that it will finally bring Colton some relief. Please keep Colton in your prayers.
A quick update.
I just wanted to let everyone know that Colton is home safe and sleeping soundly. He was screaming after surgery and out to the truck but on the way out he stopped when he heard a loud lawn mower. I think that is because it was louder then before the tubes. Good sign, right??


Kluane said...

Hope all goes well, you are in our prayers little Colton.

P.S. Happy Late Birthday!!

Nate and Alyssa said...

I can't believe it happened again. Your Mom told me while I was cutting her hair the other day! Have lots of fun at Bear Lake!!