Monday, April 27, 2009

Update on Colton's Ears

So I realized I had not updated the blog on the latest adventures with Colton and his ears so here goes. Two weeks ago his right tube fell out:( The very next day he had green slime dripping out of that ear so the doctor made him go back on an antibiotic that you put directly in the ear. We then went in to see him the next week and the infection was still raging so he then took a sample of the goo and said he would test it to see what it was. I asked what to do in the mean time and his response was to wait and see. Three days latter I called his office to find out and the nurse told me that the doctor would fax in a prescription. I asked what the infection was and she had no idea. So all I know is Colton has an infection and he is on yet another oral antibiotic. So my goal for this week is to find a second opinion from a different ENT. I an pretty sick of waiting and seeing:( I will update when I know more.

Isn't he the cutest!!


... CBM ... said...

Oh Mariah, that is awful! I sure hope his ears are better & he is doing great. It's never fun when they are sick! :(