Friday, April 3, 2009

One Year Mark

We have officially been in our house for one year. And boy has our remodel come a long way. Many may not know that we bought a foreclose house last March and we have slowly been remodeling it. We still have lots more to do but I thought I would show everyone how far we have come.
We started out with the ceilings. We scraped pop corn off of just about 1700 square feet of our ceilings. That part was terrible because it was messy and really hard because the people before us painted over it so it was like chipping plaster off of the ceiling. We then moved to the floors. We took out ugly tile and laminate wood flooring and smelly carpet and replaced it with ceramic tile and carpet. It turned out looking great! We took out all of the old doors and have put up pretty six panel doors and of course new shiny chrome knobs. We have also been adding trim in every room (this project is not quite finished). Dustin also made himself a custom garage with all kinds of tools and matching cabinets. And of course the downstairs bathroom just got finished last month. Take a look at our finished product and tell us how we did (I mean mostly Dustin). Our goals for year two of the remodel is the kitchen and outside (if we get really ambitious I would love to do the up stairs bathroom but I have a feeling that will be year 3). We are putting in new counter tops and restraining the cabinets. Outside we are building a shed, putting in a swing set for the boys, planting a garden and making a recreational fire pit. I will let you know how all that goes.

Before / After
(Upstairs Living room)

Before / After

Before / After
(Downstairs Bathroom)


Suzanne said...

your house looks great! its fun to look at before & after pictures and realize how much work you actually did! you guys have done such a good job! i can't believe it's been a year already!

Nate and Alyssa said...

Sorry that we aren't there for Nate to help as much as Dustin helped us!! We are now planning round two of the remodel on this house. It will never be done we just need to move to a "real" house!!!