Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mariah's New Toy (haha)

Yes it is true the Conk family is now a proud owner of a four wheeler. Dustin has been drooling over it ever since we got home. We found our great deal in Portland so we drove down there Friday night and stayed with Dustin's friend from high school and got the four wheeler Sat and then drove home. It was actually a nice break. All three of the boys love "my" four wheeler. Camdin just wants to sit on it 24-7 and anytime Colton sees it he convulses with excitement. So far we haven't had any neighbors complain about our trips around the yard:) Now that we have the four wheeler we can't wait until our trip to Bear Lake to really ride it.

Notice the boys matching camo hats:)


Suzanne said...

looks like fun!! :o)