Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fair Fun!!

We all headed out to the fair on Friday (even though it was raining.) It ended up being a pretty nice day. Camdin had so much fun looking at all the animals getting his face painted and riding a couple rides.
Colton and Mariah
Camdin riding the carousel (he was too scared to ride the horse:(
Petting the goats

Poor Colton and Paka watching the dancing horses, the music was so loud.


Suzanne said...

I hope you guys had fun with Dustin's parents! We don't really have anything planned this week, and we'd love to see you guys! Jonathan has Thur/Fri off, and has the 1-9pm shift :o( I'll be really bored!

Kluane said...

Hey, at least Camdin will admit his fears... Connor pretends to be brave, but you can tell by the look of horror during the entire ride that he is not having a plesent time.